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Deze zomer is er door DIR Italia speciaal voor haar eigen leden, leden van GUE en de WKPP & EKPP duikteams, een symposium georganiseerd. Er werd gesproken over het veilig uitvoeren van onderwater exploratie. Onder de sprekers waren George Irvine, Jarrod Jablonski en Michael Waldbrenner.

Er waren geen leden van DIR-NL bij aanwezig, maar dit is het verslag dat ons werd toegezonden door DIR Italia:

Underwater Exploration and the DIR system

Last July took place in Italy a meeting dedicated to underwater exploration and necessary techniques to keep a high security level. It is already the second time that DIRItalia, in less than three years, assemble to the same table the most important exponents of underwater exploration: George Irvine, already WKPP director (Woodville Karst Plan Project), Jarrod Jablonski, President of GUE (Global Underwater Explorers), e Michael Waldbrenner, belonging to EKPP (European Karst Plan Project).

A lot of scuba divers coming from all Europe, and not only, participated to the meeting. There were hundreds divers coming from several nations and belonging, besides to the Diritalia, to GUE and the exploration teams of WKPP and EKPP.

The day was been very intense because of the faced topics. The meeting was been inaugurated by the President of DIRItalia, Paolo Passalacqua, inaugurated the meeting presenting the speakers and illustrated briefly how the day would have been divided.

Therefore Jarrod Jablonski, president of the GUE, association with specific aims in the field of underwater exploration, science and conservation of the environment according to DIR principles discussed about the various aspects of dives, from the planning to equipment configuration, to the problems connected to underwater explorations, from open water to wreck exploration.

A substantial contribution was given by George Irvine with his experience, aged during years of cave diving and like director of the WKPP, the most advanced, numerous and trained team of underwater cave divers which supplied to the researchers, with their underwater explorations, an incredible volume of data, otherwise not reachable, for the study of the Florida's aquifers and their dynamics.

The problems connected to cave dives, due mainly to the extreme morphological differences of these environments, were discussed generating an interesting discussion between the speakers and the participants. Meeting concluded with the contribution of Michael Waldbrenner on the recent explorations of his group, EKPP, discussing about all necessary phases, from the planning to the equipment for their realization like DPV (Diving Propulsion Vehicle) and the CCR systems.

Underwater Exploration and the DIR system Underwater Exploration and the DIR system Underwater Exploration and the DIR system Underwater Exploration and the DIR system Underwater Exploration and the DIR system Underwater Exploration and the DIR system
Underwater Exploration and the DIR system Underwater Exploration and the DIR system Underwater Exploration and the DIR system Underwater Exploration and the DIR system Underwater Exploration and the DIR system Underwater Exploration and the DIR system

Underwater Exploration and the DIR system


Meeting on the systemic function of DIR for underwater exploration

Diritalia, a non-profit organization committed to promoting use of the DIR system, is pleased to announce that on 31 July 2004, at the Hotel REGINA ELENA of S. Margherita Ligure, Italy, a meeting will be held on underwater exploration and the techniques necessary to successfully pursue such exploration efficiently and safely.

Attendance is reserved for active members of Diritalia, Global Underwater Explorers (GUE), the Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) and the European Karst Plain Project (EKPP).

Speakers will include George Irvine, former director of the WKPP; Jarrod Jablonski, president of GUE; and Michael Waldbrenner, a lead exploration diver for the EKPP. Discussion will cover underwater exploration in general with specific emphasis on DIR and cave exploration in Florida and Northern Europe; Irvine and Jablonski will discuss their efforts in the Floridan karst and Waldbrenner will discuss his joint efforts with Reinhard Buchaly and the rest of the EKPP team in the cave systems of North Europe.

Discussion will be in English and questions will be entertained following each talk. Nonetheless, Diritalia will try to ensure that non-English speakers be provided with means of understanding the discussions and exchanges.

Discussion topics will include:

  1. DIR Practices and Procedures in Underwater Exploration: This section will treat wreck exploration and equipment configuration, as well as potential issues facing divers undertaking underwater exploration in open water.
  2. Principles of Underwater Cave Exploration: This section will discuss elements unique to underwater cave exploration and the risks involved. It will also treat logistics and planning unique to underwater cave exploration and how these differ from ocean exploration.
  3. Rebreather use: This section will discuss what rebreathers are, what use they serve and when they should be used. It will also discuss salient differences between a semi-closed system (SCR) and a closed (CCR) system, the main causes of accidents on rebreathers and how an RB 80 works."
Those wishing to attend this meeting must register by email at diritalia@diritalia.it. Registration must be accompanied by information regarding the organizations to which the interested party belongs and their current status with that organization. For further information visit www.diritalia.it.

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