Do it Right - Or Don't Do It!

In 1995 publiceerde George Irvine een artikel in DeepTech Magazine, een blad voor technische duikers. Het was de eerste keer dat de term 'Do It Right' werd gebruikt om de nieuwe duikmethode te typeren die voortkwam uit 'Hogarthian'. Hij maakte duidelijk dat Hogarthian wel aan de basis stond, maar dit door de WKPP verder is uitgebreid tot het huidige systeem: DIR.

Enkele jaren na de publicatie schreef George Irvine een inleiding bij het artikel, welke op zijn verzoek eerst gelezen moet worden om het originele artikel in de juiste context te kunnen plaatsen:

Preface to the article "Do it Right - Or Don't Do It!"

By George Irvine

At the time this article was written, the term 'hogarthian' was well known to the strokes. It was like the cross to the vampire. That article marked the turning point where we moved from that nomenclature and progressed onto DIR. DIR goes well beyond gear streamlining. While Bill (Hogarth) Main and others were among the first to see the light in this regard, they quit doing the hard core diving in the 80's. The obstacles that presented themselves as we progressed required a more comprehensive system, now known as DIR. DIR encompasses all forms of diving, from open water to wreck to cave.

Unfortunately, while the hogarthian thing used to be a lot of fun for us in the WKPP to joke about and stick in the faces of the strokes, now the strokes have turned around and are calling their personal preference, convoluted systems 'Hogarthian'. Luckily, we dropped that years ago.

They have done this for two reasons: competitive pressures in dive instruction exerted by students who want to learn DIR, and tech criticisms of the stupidity of the past (and present) have forced these agencies to seek a change. Also, the fact that Bill Main is no longer associated with us (and has a big problem with my changing of the way things are done) has led the strokes to choose his nomenclature over ours as a combative tool.

The fact is that there is nothing that compares to DIR, and it is either DIR or it is BS.

De onderstaande link bevat het originele artikel uit DeepTech Magazine, issue 3, 1995:

Do It Right or Don't Do It! - George Irvine Do It Right or Don't Do It! - George Irvine (565kb)

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